SPIRYSTIX is under construction right now ! Should be up n running byyy uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah ! n.n

Welcome welcome !!

My name is Spiry, I'm an artist and animator who talks too much .

Consider this corner of the internet my spot ! And if you click around, you'll find cool things that I do or create !

I got super tired of socials as a creative so I've been trying to find a better way to express and share my creations as well as treating this like the main hub for all my other platforms/etc. I used to have a sticker store run on Spring, under the url SPIRYSTIX.COM for about 2 years, but I figured it was time to revamp and go away from that site, try to make something that's more ME, yknow ? so SPIRYSTIX.LOL was born ;v;

I work on other art projects and goals so I sometimes can't work on the site for a bit . Optimistically thought it would be all done and how I wanted it by the end of this past march but uhhh NO lol . Regardless, I'll be working on this as I can; just know I've got planssss

Thank you so much for your patience ! I am literally learning how to code stuff as we speak, so far so good ! But for right now I'd recommend you look at my site on a browser and not on mobile to see everything I'm tinkering away at lol